Not quite, but we’ll get there. As much as we’ve been working in order to make our software better, we only ever work on one thing at a time. Never do we stop and think how we could combine everything we’ve learned through years of education into a single process that we can reuse to write great software consistently. Well, today we will create a recipe for success.

Image of recipe

We’ve all got lots of techniques and ideas tot create good software, but rarely do we ever use them together. We should all learn how to take all the individual things that we know how to do and creating a recipe that we can reuse so that we can tackle even the trickiest of software problems that we could ever encounter.

Create a features list

Use case diagrams

Use case diagram

Break up your big problem into several small ones

Get your requirements straight

“If it’s your decision, it’s design; if not, it’s a requirement” -Alistair Cockburn.


Do a proper domain analysis

Don’t underestimate design

UML Diagram

Finally, we get to code

That’s it, you’re done. Well, no, not really, but you can now deliver your system to your client. It’s time to start again and make your system better and better, but before you do that, congratulate yourself, grab something to eat and something to drink, play some videogames or whatever. Give your brain a chance to rest before you start working again. Iterations will make things easier on you and your team, since you’re not doing everything from the very beginning, but instead you start small and grow with each iteration.

Iteration diagram

With this recipe, you’re almost guaranteed to make great software each and every time you start a new project.

Decently-fed student majoring in Computer Science. You probably don’t know me, but you will.

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